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closeup of gluten free rice flour vegan chocolate chip butterscotch cookies

Gluten-Free Rice Flour Vegan Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Cookies

Sometimes you just need a sweet treat, and these gluten-free rice flour cookies are rich and thick organic delights sweetened with organic coconut sugar. We love them as a quick-grab of yummy goodness after school for the kids or as a dessert for a work lunch. What about the organic brown rice flour? If you haven’t used our freshly milled rice flour, it is a fantastic texture for these fabulous cookies. Because it is milled-to-order, the flour is never bitter.

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Superfood Brownies

In today’s recipe, we’re using our highly-nutritious sprouted wheat flour along with organic cocoa and coconut sugar. Raw cocoa, in addition to having a rich depth of flavor, is known as a super-food. So go ahead, indulge with confidence.

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Rustic Sweetheart Berry Tart

This rustic berry tart is not only a gourmet dessert, it’s actually a lot easier to make than a more traditional fruit tart. With just a few delicious ingredients, this tart is satisfying without being cloyingly sweet. 

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