Get the Most Out of Your Ancient Grains

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Perfect Multi-Grain Pie Crust Tutorial

We’re going to be sharing some fantastical magnificent magical tricks to make ridiculously killer flaky pie crust with whole grains. This will be just the start of Holiday baking, but we think everyone should have some magic up their sleeves when it comes to pie. Here are some tips from our crazy cool Pastry chef to help you win this season.

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top down, close up view of gluten-free grains

Our Chef’s Guide to Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking 101

We know it can be confusing to know what’s what when it comes to what is gluten-free and what is not. We also know that it can be helpful to ask a pro, so today we’re sharing some basics from our staff pastry chef on what will help you the most in your gluten-free adventures. Take it away chef!

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Make-Ahead Artisan Bread Using A Brotform Basket (Tutorial)

Have you ever wondered how professional artisan bread bakers form perfectly rounded loaves consistently? There’s a high chance that they are using a European Banneton proofing basket or German named “Brotform”. Brotform bread proofing rattan baskets are designed to wick moisture away from the surface of the loaf, giving the bread a better crust as well as a beautiful shape.

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Homemade Organic Sourdough 101

Sourdough leavening is as old as the rocks. It has been around for over a millennium. How do you think it started? Maybe someone ages ago decided they didn’t like the heavy rock bread. Was it an accident from dough left out too long? Probably. Food scientist don’t know the exact time in history sourdough leavening was started, but it goes way back!

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