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With our very own in-house chef, Stephanie Petersen, our recipes are custom formulated to ensure they work perfectly with our products.

Homemade Organic Sourdough 101

Sourdough leavening is as old as the rocks. It has been around for over a millennium. How do you think it started? Maybe someone ages ago decided they didn’t like the heavy rock bread. Was it an accident from dough left out too long? Probably. Food scientist don’t know the exact time in history sourdough leavening was started, but it goes way back!

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closeup of cooked amaranth on a spoon

Back to Basics: How to Cook Amaranth on the Stovetop

Cooked on the stove-top, amaranth is similar in texture to southern corn grits or “cream of wheat.” It is creamy and smooth with a slightly peppery finish. It can be made into a sweet or savory delicious meal that is truly satisfying and will keep you and your family full for hours. It’s great for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as many delightful loaves of bread, tortillas, appetizers and dessert.

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closeup of gluten free rice flour vegan chocolate chip butterscotch cookies

Gluten-Free Rice Flour Vegan Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Cookies

Sometimes you just need a sweet treat, and these gluten-free rice flour cookies are rich and thick organic delights sweetened with organic coconut sugar. We love them as a quick-grab of yummy goodness after school for the kids or as a dessert for a work lunch. What about the organic brown rice flour? If you haven’t used our freshly milled rice flour, it is a fantastic texture for these fabulous cookies. Because it is milled-to-order, the flour is never bitter.

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a top down, close up view of a variety of grains

Our Guide to Overall Use of Whole Grain in Baking

Have you ever looked at a list of whole grains and wondered how to use them in baking as opposed to cooking them? We get questioned often on Organic Grains about whole grain baking. Our pastry chef got together with our food scientist and they put together this guide to help you on your journey toward using more grain. We hope it helps!

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farmer's porridge in a white bowl topped with raspberries, banana and pumpkin seeds

How to Cook Farmer’s Porridge (Farina on the Stove)

Creamy wheat farina porridge is classic breakfast for people all around the world. It is a mild smooth cereal made from the endosperm of whole wheat. It can be made sweet by adding dried fruit and syrup or it can be served savory with cracked pepper, butter and cheese. Farina has been used as a portion of the flour in baked products like muffins and bread, but it is most often consumed as a breakfast cereal.

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Back to Basics: How to Cook Millet on the Stove

Millet is an amazing grain that packs a nutritional punch of fiber and vitamins. It is not a complete protein but is a seed grain. It cannot cross-pollinate with wheat and will always be gluten-free. In spite of how delicious and versatile it is as a staple, it is most often used as birdseed in the USA. That’s sad…because as much as we love big bird, we’d rather see you make this healthy grain a part of your life.

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