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Making Cornmeal Using the Wonder Mill Electric Mill

We’ve been super busy around here getting some new products on our site to help with your whole grain adventures and one of our newest items in called a Wondermill Electric Mill. It’s a great way to go from a whole grain to a flour or meal with pristine fresh flavors. Seriously. Sweet delicious fresh flour right in your kitchen will turn your baking and cooking with grain into a magical alchemy center.

Think of it the same way you’d think of the magnified flavor of fresh ground spices compared to ones that have been sitting on the shelf for months or years. The flavors are powerfully rich and full of depth unparalleled by anything else because the essential oils of the grain are released in your kitchen instead of a factory somewhere.

Of course, Organic Grains.com is not just “a factory somewhere” when it comes to perfect flour.  You should know that Organic Grains is the only milling company in the world that offers freshly milled flour to order. Yes. It’s true. If you didn’t know (we’ll repeat that part)…We mill many grains and flours to order here on organic grains.

For some grains, we don’t offer that milling option. Our super awesome Organic Corn is one of them. The solution for that is to either buy pre-ground cornmeal from the store and risk that the oils are bitter and rancid…or mill your own. 100% of the time, our pastry chef takes the second option, and you’ll soon understand why. Mill your own corn. It just takes a few minutes and it will change your corney culinary life. We promise!

Since corn is a larger grain and one that you might not have milled before today, we thought we’d share how to mill it into a meal aka “homemade cornmeal”. If you’ve never tasted freshly milled cornmeal, you’re going to be blown away by how sweet and almost buttery it tastes. Most commercially made cornmeal needs the addition of a lot of honey or sugar to make it taste good. This is a way to mask the rancid oils of the corn. Mmm. Rancid oils with a bitter undertone.

If you’ve freshly milled corn…that rancid crap will never happen. Ever. It’s just naturally sweet and the flavor of the corn shines through miraculously!

closeup of freshly milled cornmeal

So first you need one of these babies.  Wondermill Electric Mill. 

The wondermill product

To make sure we had all the information correctly for you, we are sharing directly from the manufacturer’s owner’s manual on how to use the mill along with this great video with a chick in a cool apron and some really dope hippie music:

 The operating instructions from Wondermill can be found here. Below is a brief summary of the details.

The first time you use a Wondermill:

Mill at least two cups of wheat or other hard grain, and then discard that flour. This will eliminate any contaminates the mill may have obtained in the manufacturing process. Make sure the grain you use is clean.


  • Never turn on your mill with grain in the hopper. Add grain only when the mill is running.
  • You should never switch off the mill during its milling cycle. Wait until it has finished milling all of the grain in the hopper before stopping. Starting and stopping may cause the mill to clog up with flour. If you wish to mill a small amount of flour, just mill a small amount of grain. If an emergency occurs and you must turn it off before the hopper is empty, turn the texture knob to the far left pastry setting, then switch the mill off.  If the mill only hums, do not try to run the mill. Call the service center at 208-234-9352.
  • The grain hopper should be UNCOVERED when milling. The storage lid is to cover the mill only during storage.
  • This appliance has a POLARIZED plug to reduce the risk of electric shock. Do not modify the plug in any way.
  • Do not overfill the flour canister. Remember that approximately 8 cups of grain will produce 12 cups of flour. The canister has a 12 cup capacity.

first part of wondermill operating instructions with a few illustrated figures and big blocks of text

detailed instructions on using the wondermill, lots of text and some demo images


last piece of wondermill instructions, lots of text

Mill Organic Grains Whole Yellow Corn on the course setting. This will give you perfect cornmeal every time. Stay tuned for more fresh cornmeal recipes now that we’ve introduced you to the magic of the  Wondermill Electric Mill.

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