MiaBella Balsamic Vinegar
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Note: You can save money by purchasing 3lbs. or 5lbs. bags. Small 1lb. bags are a great way to sample a new grain.

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MiaBella Traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar is made from 100% Trebbiano grapes with no added sugars, caramels, flavors, or preservatives. The resulting product, called mosto cotto in Italian (grape must), is aged in wood cask barrels that are made of oak and juniper. Once the process is finished, MiaBella Traditional Aged Balsamic is a rich, viscous, deep brown syrup and with a complexity of flavors that balance perfectly with any number of courses. Each bottle is numbered for small batches of one-thousand and signed, ensuring the highest quality of luxury gourmet balsamic available.

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