Vegan Sprouted Wheat Whoopie Pies

Vegan Sprouted Wheat Whoopie Pies

The great American Whoopie Pie is said to have originated in Amish country. For their potential to be healthy, they generally aren't necessarily so! A Whooopie Pie is a fluffy sandwich cake-like chocolate cookie filled with a light delicious buttercream.  In this version, we're taking a healthier twist. We used sprouted wheat flour, which is loaded with nutrition. For our Vegan friends,  we omitted all the dairy and animal ingredients. It's just one daggum delightful treat! 

Vegan Whoopie Pie Cookie- Cakes

Coconut Oil | 1 cup

Coconut Sugar| 1 cup

Chia Seed, ground|  1/4 cup

Water, warm | 1 ½ cup

Baking powder| 1 ½ tsp

Salt| ½ tsp

Double Strength Vanilla | 2 tsp

Rum extract| ½ tsp

Sprouted White Wheat flour| 4 cups

Organic cocoa powder | 1 cup

Directions: Pre-heat your oven to 350°. Cream the butter and coconut sugar until very fluffy. Whisk together the chia seed meal and the water until smooth and allow to hydrate. Use the chia mixture like eggs in this recipe, slowly adding it to the creamed butter sugar mixture until smooth. Add vanilla and rum extract. Add the baking powder, salt, flour and cocoa powder. Combine well. With a medium ice cream scoop with a release mechanism to make my cookies, scoop onto baking sheet with 2 inches in between each dough ball. Dough will be stiff. Bake 8-10 minutes until just baked but fluffy. Remove from oven. Yield: 36 cookies.

Vegan Buttercream

Powdered Sugar| 4 cups

Vegan Butter or Coconut Oil | 3 Tbsp.

Almond or Cashew Milk| ¼ cup

Double strength vanilla| 1 tsp

Directions: In a mixer with a paddle attachment, combine all ingredients. Start on low speed until the sugar begins to dissolve then increase speed and whip for 3-4 minutes.  Scoop buttercream onto the flat side of one of the cooled chocolate cookies. Sandwich the other side of the frosting with another cookie.  Yield:  18 woopie pies. 

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