Homemade Organic "Corn-Nutties" Tutorial

Homemade Organic "Corn-Nutties" Tutorial

With literally hundreds of corn varieties and thousands of ways to prepare it, we thought we’d share a cool and delicious snack that’s been popular for decades here in America. There is a branded snack called Corn Nuts™ sold in bags in the snack aisle at every convenience store across the country. They’re delicious and addictive…but most of them are loaded with some unhealthy ingredients and are high in sodium.  We wanted to give you the fun way to make them at home, as well as a healthy alternative for flavoring them. These ones use a high smoke point natural oil from avocado that will keep the free radicals at bay. We seasoned it with some natural potassium salt that tastes amazing. As a bonus, we're sharing our chef's recipe for homemade ranch-style popcorn and corn nutties seasoning. Have fun with this one!

Basic Corn Nutties 

You will need: 1-2 cups Hard Organic Yellow Corn, 2-4 cups water, a clean towel, Avocado Oil, and a  Stainless-Steel Popcorn Popper 

Step 1: Cover corn in water 24 hours. If you use one cup of corn, soak it in 2 cups water. It will always be a proportion of 1 part corn to 2 parts water. You can soak larger amounts of corn. Make sure you soak the corn at least 24 hours, otherwise your nutties will end up like rocks. 

Step 2:  Drain and towel dry.

Step 3: Cook on the stove.


We use a Stainless-Steel Popcorn Popper which is awesome to make fresh, classic style popcorn right on your stove at home. Much more so than the aluminum models, look for the Stainless steel clad aluminum bottom popper that disperses heat quickly & evenly without aluminum contacting the popcorn. It also is best to have a large 6 Quart capacity. We prefer the popper that has a stay cool wooden handles and a vented lid for dry popcorn and optimum temperature. Look for a popper that has a rotary paddle that keeps corn moving. We’ve found it most useful for making the homemade corn nuts.

Cooking Directions:  Put  1 cup of towel dried corn and 1/3 cup of avocado oil in the rotary stove-top popcorn popper. Close the lid and rotate the handle for 3-5 minutes until very crisp. Drain on a paper towel. Season to taste with homemade popcorn seasoning (below).

Homemade Ranch Popcorn Seasoning

Granulated Onion| 1 Tbsp 

Granulated Garlic | 1 tsp 

Parsley, dry| 1 tsp 

Salt for Life (potassium salt replacement)|1 tsp 

black pepper, ground| ½ tsp 

Directions: Combine all the homemade ranch seasoning ingredients. Store in a spice jar until ready to use. Yield ½ cup seasoning. Use one or two teaspoons at a time per batch of corn nutties. 

Waaaawhooo! There you go! An awesome way to use some corn. 









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