3 Ingredient Homemade Organic Kamut® Noodles

3 Ingredient Homemade Organic Kamut® Noodles

One of the most delicious things to make at home is a great pasta! Today we're using the ancient wheat variety known as Kamut®, sometimes called the Durham semolina of the ancient Egyptians, this grain is very high in protein (12-18%) and is ideal for making pasta. Add to it the remarkable fact that it is always organic and non-GMO and it's a sure win! Homemade pasta making can be a little difficult at first, so we're starting with simple fettuccine noodles today. Later this week we'll be making a seasonal butternut squash lasagna using this awesome pasta so come back and see us! The basic recipe below will yield about 16 oz of noodles.  Give it a try.

Homemade Kamut® Noodles 

Kamut® Flour| 2 cups
Eggs| 3 eggs
Salt| 1 tsp

• Wash and sanitize all work surfaces, hand and utensils before working with raw flour.
• Combine the Kamut® Flour and salt. Dig a well in the flour and add the eggs.
• With a fork, whisk the eggs into the flour forming a soft-batter type soft dough and then a nice rough dough.
• Stir well. There may be a little flour left over that doesn't mix into the dough. Make a rough ball out of the stuff that sticks together. Clear off the table top of any extra flour and funky dough. Lightly flour counter tops.
• Knead the dough a few minutes until it gets well combined and smoother. It will still look a little rough, but the whole wheat is just that way. Divide into two balls.
• Take one of the balls of dough and roll it out on a well-floured table top, about 1/2-inch-thick and 2 feet long.

Fold dough into thirds like a travel brochure.

• Roll out the dough again, on a well-floured surface until it is about 3 feet long.
• Repeat the folding step and roll one last time until it is very thin, about 1/8 an inch or less. Ours is so thin you can almost see through it. A well-floured table top will really help this process...but also some good muscles applying the pressure to the center of the rolling pin instead of the handles. When rolled out, it is about 5 feet long.
• With a sharp knife or pizza cutter, make the cuts for the noodles. Make sure you get through all the dough and the noodles are about 1/4-inch-wide and 12 inches long.

Repeat the whole process with your second ball of dough. Transfer the noodles to a drying rack and allow to air dry a few minutes. This is when to start my water boiling to cook noodles. If you want to allow them to air dry a few hours that works as well. Wash and sanitize all work surfaces, hands and utensils after working with raw flour and dough.

To cook: Bring a gallon of water to a rolling boil. Add plenty of salt to the water. Put the noodles in all at once and cook 2-4 minutes (depending on how long you let them dry). Drain and lightly drizzle with olive oil. Season as desired.

Top with sauce or serve with cooked sausage, olives, tomatoes, cheese...whatever you love.

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