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Mom loves chocolate almost as much as she loves her kids. So, with Mother's Day coming up this weekend, we thought we'd share a super simple French Silk Chocolate Pie that is sure to make your favorite lady cry tears of joy...mostly because of the chocolate...but also because she loves you.  Unlike more difficult to make French Silk recipes, this one is super simple! It is just like a giant chocolate truffle in a pie shell and super ridiculously evil, good, evil, good. Chef adds a few more nuances to the flavor by infusing it with citrus, brandy and rum....

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  This week has been full of delicious fake holidays...er...um...real holidays created by the food industry to sell more pastries. Bhwahaha! Case in point, today is National Blueberry Pie Day. We kid you not. Blueberry. Pie. Day. It's actually "a thing". So, in honor of our favorite fake-real holiday, we had our favorite on-staff pastry chef come up with a really killer blueberry pie that is full of whole remarkable grain and crazy fantastic flavor profiles that are insanely good. You will not be disappointed! Plus, this recipe can be made into two pies, or 12 hand pies! So you...

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