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If you have a Dad that rises above and beyond the call of duty, there's nothing you want more than to see that sweet guy live a long and healthy life! We couldn't agree more and this recipe proves it. This is the perfect Father's Day treat for that guy!  We're using our highly nutritious sprouted wheat flour that is the most accessible source of vitamins in the grain kingdom, along with organic cocoa and coconut sugar. We've talked about it before here on the blog, but raw cocoa is known as a super-food*. Ironically, these are so delicious, they...

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 In the Organic Grains test kitchen, we're committed to making things that taste awesome, but are also really good for you! So these cookies are going to surprise you. Not only are they simple they are also packed with nutrition, fiber, and life-sustaining goodness!  We're going to highlight just a few of these powerhouse ingredients...just so you can really get the scoop on the health benefits of these bad-boys! Rolled Oats are made from the steamed whole oat groats rolled into thick flakes. Old fashioned oats are just another, slightly thinner rolled version of the thick-rolled variety. Because they are still...

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It has been a wicked-cool week here on Organic Grains but we're ready for the weekend. Aren't you? So, one thing we like to do is also give you some really evil delicious things to make with whole grain. These amaranth salted caramel butter bars are the Devil. Really. You just need them in your life.  Here's the deal. Using Amaranth flour with the regular flour gives them a nutty hearty flavor. It's the perfect complimentary nuance to couple with butter and caramel. We think you'll agree. Amaranth Salted Caramel Butter Bars Ingredients: For the Crust: Butter, softened| 1 lb....

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