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Chia has made a tremendous comeback over the last few years, despite the previous 500 years or so of relative obscurity. So what's the deal with this super-food? Why the buzz? Chia seeds are the highest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, and they contain more fiber than flax seeds or nuts. Chia seeds are gluten free and comes in Black and White varieties. Because of their natural ability to absorb immense amounts of liquid, they are an outstanding addition to your diet when coupled with water, to maintain hydration during physical exertion. Two keys in the battle against dehydration are regulating body fluid...

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Berry Delicious Vegan Amaranth Breakfast Bowls Sometimes the simplest breakfast is the best. That can certainly be said of this delicious recipe that takes the creamy smooth texture of cooked amaranth, the super-grain full of fiber and clean nutrition, and couples it with fresh fruit and subtle hints of spice in a coconut milk confection. It's absolute heaven.  It's easy for any day of the week and the amaranth can be cooked in a rice cooker.  Make it ahead and it is a quick re-heat for busy mornings. Ingredients: Water Amaranth Salt Fresh strawberries, 1 pint Fresh blueberries or blackberries,...

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  This week has been full of delicious fake holidays created by the food industry to sell more pastries. Bhwahaha! Case in point, today is National Blueberry Pie Day. We kid you not. Blueberry. Pie. Day. It's actually "a thing". So, in honor of our favorite fake-real holiday, we had our favorite on-staff pastry chef come up with a really killer blueberry pie that is full of whole remarkable grain and crazy fantastic flavor profiles that are insanely good. You will not be disappointed! Plus, this recipe can be made into two pies, or 12 hand pies! So you...

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